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March 27, 2015

Affordable Housing & Homelessness

February 11, 2015 meeting

9:30 am - 12:00 noon

606 E. Capitol Avenue, Jefferson City, MO 65101

Join us via telephone:  1-712-432-1500 with passcode #167856#

February's resources


Roos Ferguson Commission DRAFT

Summary of Trust Fund Interim Regulations

Minutes from January 2015

Resources from past meetings:

NLHIC 2015-2016 policy goals handout


The Affordable Housing and Homelessness Task Force is committed to increasing the supply of affordable, accessible housing, and reducing the numbers of homeless people in Missouri through the prioritization of rental, utility, and affordable housing assistance into the areas of greatest need.


  1. Actively support legislation increasing revenue for Missouri Housing Trust Fund.
  2. Preserve, Protect, and Upgrade Low-Income Housing Stock by:
    • Opposing indiscriminate use of Eminent Domain;
    • Supporting efforts toward an Energy Affordability Plan; and,
    • Increasing Universal Design.
  3. Work toward affirmatively furthering fair housing and the elimination of housing discrimination in Missouri.

Interested in the Affordable Housing & Homelessness Task Force?
Contact Vickie Riddle you are interested.

To get more information on the task force and to read archived minutes, visit the ARCHIVES Page.


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